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Principles of Mediation


Mediation provides you with the opportunity to make decisions about the important things in your life without going to court.

Voluntary/freedom from pressure

No-one attends mediation unless they want to and they can leave at any time and cannot be pressured into making an agreement.

Impartiality of mediator

Mediators do not take sides or give advice but are responsible for the process and helping people to negotiate with each other constructively.


People who go to mediation are encouraged to reach solutions that feel fair to them, within the framework of the law.

Joint decision-making

Mediation is a way for people to stay in control of the decisions that affect their lives and work out mutually acceptable solutions.

Available to all (but may not be suitable for all)

Mediation should be accessible to everyone who wants to take part, but it is not necessarily suitable for everyone.

Child focused

Family mediation is focused on the views and needs of children and is a private place for parents to plan together for the future care of their children.

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