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Principles of Mediation


Mediation provides you with the opportunity to make decisions about the important things in your life without going to court.

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Negotiating Using Mediation

Facing your ex-partner in mediation can be daunting. Having experienced the emotional turmoil of separation or divorce, you may still find it upsetting to be in the same room as them. However, if you are to reach agreement about the most important things in your live – your children and your home – you need to be able to negotiate constructively in mediation to achieve an outcome that you feel is fair and workable.

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services 004Legal Advice

Mediators do not give legal advice, but always recommend that you use a solicitor to obtain independent legal advice during the process of mediation. The use of a solicitor will be targeted, therefore helping you avoid the hefty legal costs associated with the traditional route of ‘solicitor only’. Mediation gives you the opportunity to stay in control of your own decision-making, taking into account the general information given by the mediator about the legal framework and the specific advice you receive from your solicitor.

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services 002Child Inclusive Mediation

We provide the facility for children to be included in the mediation process.

Research indicates that at the time of separation children feel as though they no longer have a voice in the future structure of their family. They have anxieties about how the new arrangements are going to work and how it will impact upon their lives in terms of maintaining friendships, schooling, relationships with extended family group members, etc.

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services resolving disputesResolving Disputes

When couples separate or divorce, and families face breakdown, there are many practical and emotional issues to resolve.

You may have to decide where your children are going to live and whether or not to sell the family home. Separation can cause great uncertainty to all members of the family, and at this stressful time many couples find it hard to talk to each other about their concerns and the plans they need to make.

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