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Court Forms

Form A is an application (Form A) for a Financial Order,

this can be issued by either party to a divorce.
  1. There is a form to complete and a Court fee to pay

  2. The Court issues the application

  3. Automatically makes an order for documents to be prepared by both sides;

  4. Lists the matter for a First Appointment in 12 to 16 weeks time;

  5. And sends copies of all the paperwork to the Respondent to the application within 5 days.

If there is an application for a transfer of property order or for pension provision, the Applicant also has to arrange service on any Building Society or Pension Provider.

As part of this application, the Ministry of Justice requires the applicant to have considered mediation. With certain exceptions, this includes having met with a mediator and discussed the possibility of resolving financial issues through mediation.

Our mediators are accredited to be able to sign the certificate in Form A certifying that the requirement has been met.

  pdf Form A download here (248 KB)

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